1. Plan V8 Pre submission DRAFT 15.03.15

2. Executive Summary - Pre submission DRAFT 15.03.15

3. Response Questionnaire Pre submission Draft 19.03.15


5. Swanwick Neighbourhood Application - Area AVBC Doc

6. Designation of NP Area - Email From AVBC

7. SNP Workshop June 2012

8. SNP Drop in Session Nov 2012

9. Area Profile Swanwick AVBC Doc

10. Area Profile Rural Place Profile_E04002694_Swanwick

11. Dear Business Owner - Covering Letter Aug 2014

12. Local Businesses surveyed in August 2014

13. Business Survey Results - Summary 20.09.14

14. SNP Business Survey Aug 2014 [FINAL]

15. Letter to Statutory Consultee 26 March 2015

16. Statutory Consultation list SNP

17. MAP 1 – Housing Development since 1990

18. MAP 2 – Constraints map with proposed Protected Open Land

19. MAP 3 – Proposed Indicative Location of Community Park

20. MAP 4 – Character Areas

21. MAP 5 – Village Centre Historical Assets

22. MAP 6 – Village Centre Stores and Services

23. MAP 7 – Distance from Village Centre

24. Response Questionnaire Pre Submission Draft (WORD Format)


Neighbourhood Plan 2015 - 2028

Notice under Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Pt.5 Reg.15

Submission of Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan to Amber Valley Borough Council

Swanwick Parish Council has produced a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. The Neighbourhood Plan covers the period October 2015 – end December 2028. At the Parish Council Meeting on 15th October 2015, the Council approved the submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan and resolved to submit the plan to Amber Valley Borough Council.

The Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) on 26th October 2015 to make arrangements for publicity and formal consultation for a minimum period of 6 weeks.

Neighbourhood plans have statutory weight once they are finalised and formally ‘made’ as part of the development plan for the local area. They are then to be taken into account in the determination of planning applications.

Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan includes policies against which all future development proposals would be assessed through the planning process conducted by the Local Planning Authority.

Appointment of Independent Examiner

Following on from the consultation on the submitted Neighbourhood Plan, Amber Valley Borough Council appoints an Independent Examiner to carry out the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Independent Examiner’s Report

The Independent Examiner will prepare a report to Amber Valley Borough Council.

The Examiner may recommend modifications as may be necessary for the Neighbourhood Plan to meet the Basic Conditions and other legislative requirements. Amber Valley Borough Council will decide how to act on any recommendations.

The Examiner goes on to state whether the Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan should be submitted to referendum (with or without modifications) and if so submitted whether the referendum area should include land outside the area covered by the Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan.


Amber Valley Borough Council is responsible for arranging any referendum. You are entitled to vote in a referendum if on the date of the poll:

If there is majority support at such a referendum, the Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’ so that it becomes part of the local development plan
The Submitted Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents can be viewed below.

Submission Documents

1 - Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan Submission version 22.10.15
1a - Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan Area 2015 - End Dec 2028
2 - Consultation Statement 19.10.15
3 - Swanwick Basic Conditions Statement 05.10.15v2
4 - Sustainability Grid October 2015

Appendices to the Consultation Statement

Appendix 1 - App 1 Members of Swanwick Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
Appendix 2 - App 2 Summary of Views on Community Objective 26.03.15 - 16.05.15
Appendix 2a - App 2a Summary of Individual Comments on Pre-submission Plan & PC Response
Appendix 3 - App 3 Signet Planning SNP Representations 15.05.2015
Appendix 4 - App4 Summary Consultation Responses (Signet) & PC Response
Appendix 5a - App 5a AVBC Response to Draft Plan-8.06.15
Appendix 5b - App 5b DCC Response to Statutory S14 Consultation SNP 01.06.15
Appendix 6 - App 6 Summary Statutory Consultation Responses & PC Response
Appendix 7 - App 7 Swanwick NP SEA screening report draft
Appendix 7a - App 7a Swanwick NP SPA SAC Map1
Appendix 8 - App 8 Letter to Nat Eng re SEA Screening Swan NP

Newsletters & Flyers

All newsletters mentioned within the Consultation Statement are available as separate documents:

1 - Newsletter Nov.Dec 2011
2 - Newsletter Nov Dec 2011 Crem article
2a - Flyer AVBC Jan 18 Meeting 2012
3 - Newsletter April 2012
3a - Meeting 12 June 2012 flyer
3b - Letter invite to meeting June 2012
4 - Newsletter Sept 2012
4a - Letter to businesses & organisations Nov 2012
5 - Newsletter Dec 2012
6 - News flyer March 2013
7 - Newsletter April 2013
8 - Newsletter July 2013
9 - Newsletter Nov 2013
10 - Newsletter March 2014
11 - Newsletter July 2014
12 - Did You Know Leaflet July 2014
13 - Newsletter Oct 2014
14 - Newsletter Mar 2015
14a - Newsletter add on Mar 2015
15 - Newsletter Aug 2015

Further Supporting Documents

Some of the documents referenced in the submission have previously been included in the pre-submission consultation. These are available below and/or to the right:

The Localism Act 2011 introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape new development by coming together to prepare neighbourhood plans.

Designation of Plan Area
Swanwick Parish Council applied to designate the area within the whole parish boundary as a Neighbourhood Area, under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. On Thursday 23rd May 2013 Swanwick Parish was designated a neighbourhood area by Amber Valley Borough Council.

Working on the Plan
Swanwick Parish Council and the Swanwick Residents’ Association have been working together for the last two years on a Neighbourhood Plan for Swanwick and news of the progress has been reported in the quarterly Parish newsletter and at Parish Council Meetings that are always open to the public.

The Working Group and Parish Council acknowledge the assistance offered by Amber Valley Borough Council, Helen Metcalfe ( and Clive Keble (Planning Aid England) and grants from Locality ( .

Building on two open consultation events held in the latter half of 2011, Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has now recommended a draft plan to the Parish Council. The plan has been accepted as a pre submission draft and approved for public consultation.

Consultation on Pre Submission Draft
Consultation on the Plan is for the period 26th March to 16th May 2015.

In week starting 23th March, local businesses and households in Swanwick will receive a copy of an Executive Summary of the Plan and a response questionnaire inviting residents to Have Your Say.

Consultation documents will also be sent to statutory consultees.

Public notices will be placed in local papers and in the Parish Council’s Notice boards within the village.

Copies of the full Plan V8 Pre Submission Draft, Executive Summary and the Response Questionnaire can be downloaded from this page.

Additional copies of the Executive Summary and questionnaire are available at the following venues:
- Post Office, High Street
- Booth’s, Derby Road
- Swanwick Primary School
- St Andrew’s Church
- Swanwick Pre School
- Tamber’s Chemist
- Baptist Church
- Methodist Church
- Parish Council Office (during office opening hours)

Drop-in Sessions You can examine copies of the draft plan or talk to a member of the Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Plan Working Group or your local Parish Councillor about the draft Plan at the following drop-in sessions:
- The Old School House, 22 The Green, Swanwick 10.00am – 4.00pm on 2nd April 2015
- Swanwick School and Sports College, The Delves, Swanwick 4.00pm – 6.30pm on 16th April 2015
- The Old School House, 22 The Green, Swanwick 10.00am – 4.00pm on 23rd April 2015

Returning completed questionnaire and comments
Completed response questionnaires and any comments can be returned:

BY POST or BY HAND to: Swanwick Parish Council Office The Old School House 22 The Green Swanwick Derbyshire DE55 1BL

BY EMAIL to: (mark the subject ‘SNP Questionnaire’).

Deadline for all responses 16th May 2015

All completed response questionnaires must be received before 5.00pm on 16th May 2015

What next?
Following the consultation, the Swanwick Parish Neighbourhood Working group will collate the responses and recommend any amendments as appropriate to Swanwick Parish Council. The working group will need to consider how to respond, and decide on what changes to make or how to address comments. This needs to be recorded and included in the Statement of Community Involvement. 23 May 2015 Parish Council to consider the recommended Submission version and Statement of Community Involvement.

If approved by the Parish Council, the Submission version is then sent to AVBC to arrange an Independent Examination. If it is deemed sound and legal, then the referendum of Swanwick Residents can be arranged by AVBC.

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